The Indian Science Congress (ISC), which will be held in Nagpur from January 3rd to 7th, 2023, will focus on scientific development in India through a feminine lens, with a focus on women’s empowerment and the changing socio-political landscape.

The Theme of 108th Indian Science Congress therefore has been aptly chosen as “SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT with WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”.

The upcoming ISC is intended to honour the spirit of womanhood and their extraordinary contributions to science and technology. Women have distinguished themselves as true forerunners, laying the groundwork for a number of innovative and niche developments and discoveries. The Congress aims to address all of the major issues impeding women’s advancement in science and technology.

“Over 100 speakers and 250 scientists from India and abroad will arrive in the city for the ISC-2023, where over 3,000 research papers will be presented. Over 500 tribal representatives and 1,000 farmers will also be present, as will around 500 delegates at the Children’s Science Congress. In the inaugural session, 7,000 local children and 100 delegates will participate in the ‘Science and Society and Science Communicators Meet.”

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