How to Use Blog Commenting for SEO: Get Powerful Backlinks

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Blog commenting is a great way to build backlinks and drive traffic to your website. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to use blog commenting effectively to get valuable backlinks and traffic.

Step 1: Find Relevant Blogs

The first step is to find relevant blogs in your niche. You can use Google search or tools like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs to find blogs related to your industry. Look for blogs with high domain authority and engagement, as these are more likely to drive traffic and provide valuable backlinks.

Step 2: Read and Engage

Once you’ve found relevant blogs, start reading and engaging with the content. Leave thoughtful comments that add value to the discussion. Avoid generic comments like “great post” or “thanks for sharing.” Instead, ask questions, share your own experiences, and offer additional insights.

Step 3: Add Your Link

When leaving a comment, include a link back to your website or blog. Make sure the link is relevant to the discussion and adds value to the content. Avoid spamming or leaving irrelevant links, as this can harm your reputation and hurt your chances of building valuable backlinks.

Step 4: Follow Up

After leaving a comment, follow up with the blog owner or other commenters. Engage in a conversation and build relationships. This can help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche and lead to further opportunities for backlinks and traffic.


Let’s say you’re a blogger in the health and fitness industry. You come across a blog post on “10 Tips for Staying Motivated to Exercise.” You read the post and leave a comment that adds value to the discussion, such as:

“Great post! I’ve struggled with staying motivated to exercise in the past, and I think your tips are really helpful. One thing that has worked for me is finding a workout buddy or joining a fitness class. It keeps me accountable and makes exercising more fun. Thanks for sharing! – Mahendra, Web Developer at

In this comment, you’ve added value to the discussion by sharing your own experience and offering an additional tip. You’ve also included a link back to your website that’s relevant to the topic (e.g., a blog post on finding a workout buddy). This can help drive traffic to your site and provide a valuable backlink.

Overall, blog commenting can be a great way to build relationships, establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and drive traffic to your website. Just make sure to engage thoughtfully, avoid spamming, and always add value to the conversation.

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