Maggi, Koo integrate ChatGPT, SVB lost $465 Billion

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In today’s business news updates, we see some interesting developments taking place in the technology and food industry.

1. Maggi

Firstly, Nestle, a global food and beverage company, is launching some of its popular food offerings as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These will include recipes made with MAGGI noodles, Masala-ae-Magic, and MAGGI Hot & Sweet, and will be available for use in the food verse. This is a novel concept that highlights the growing trend of using blockchain technology for various applications beyond cryptocurrency. By creating NFTs of its food offerings, Nestle is not only innovating but also opening up new revenue streams and ways to engage with customers.

2. Koo

Moving on, Koo, an India-based social media app, has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT to help users create posts more easily. ChatGPT is a large language model that can generate human-like text based on given prompts. Koo aims to rival Twitter and has been gaining popularity in India, especially after Twitter faced backlash from the Indian government for not complying with its new IT rules. By integrating ChatGPT, Koo is making it easier for its users to create engaging content without spending too much time on it. This move shows that AI is increasingly being used to enhance user experiences and make social media more accessible.

3. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

Finally, global financial stocks have taken a massive hit, with $465 billion lost in just two days. The sell-off was triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, which led to investors cutting exposure to lenders from New York to Japan. This highlights the interconnectedness of global financial markets and the potential risks that come with it. As more and more financial institutions rely on technology and interconnected networks, it is essential to have robust risk management systems in place to prevent such incidents from causing widespread panic and chaos.


Today’s business news updates show that innovation and technology are driving change across various industries. From NFTs for food offerings to AI-powered social media platforms and the interconnectedness of global financial markets, businesses need to adapt to these changes to remain relevant and competitive.

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