What Is Alt Text? Why Image Alt text is important for SEO

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Alt text is a crucial component of SEO that is often overlooked. Alt text, short for alternative text, is used to describe the content of an image to search engines and visually impaired users. In this blog post, we’ll explore what alt text is, why it’s important for SEO, and how to create effective alt text for images.

What Is Alt Text?

Alt text is a text description of an image that is used to convey its content to users who cannot see the image. Alt text is displayed in place of the image when it cannot be rendered, or when a user is using assistive technology like a screen reader to access the page. Alt text is also used by search engines to understand the content of an image and to rank it appropriately in search results.

Importance of Image Alt Text for SEO

Image alt text is important for SEO because it helps search engines understand the content of an image. Search engines rely on alt text to accurately index and rank images, so it’s essential to include descriptive and relevant alt text for every image on your website. In addition, alt text can improve the user experience for visually impaired users by providing a meaningful description of the image.

How to Create Effective Image Alt Text

Creating effective alt text for images is essential for optimizing your website for SEO. Here are some best practices to follow when creating alt text:

  • Keep it concise: Alt text should be no more than 125 characters.
  • Be descriptive: Alt text should accurately describe the content of the image, including any relevant keywords.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing: While it’s important to include relevant keywords, avoid stuffing alt text with too many keywords.
  • Don’t use placeholder text: Alt text should be meaningful and descriptive, so avoid using placeholder text like “image.jpg” or “picture”.

Examples of Effective Image Alt Text

Here are some examples of effective image alt text:

  • For an image of a dog: “A golden retriever playing fetch in a park”
  • For an image of a recipe: “Pesto pasta with fresh basil, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese”
  • For an image of a product: “Blue leather tote bag with gold hardware”

In each of these examples, the alt text is concise, descriptive, and accurately reflects the content of the image.


Alt text is an essential part of optimizing your website for SEO and improving the user experience for visually impaired users. By following best practices for creating effective alt text, website owners can improve their search engine rankings and provide meaningful descriptions of their images to users. Don’t overlook the importance of alt text in your SEO strategy!

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